Audio reveals Wild Card Proposal dead before ink dries
Here is a partial transcript between the BVL presidents discussing whether or not to introduce the Wild Card Proposal at the Owners Meeting. will not identify who said what to whom. ... “I think we should have the wild card,” said Jon (not his real name). “It's the only way the Bruisers or Con-men or even the Greys will reach the playoffs.” Pause. In the background, shattered glass can be heard. “Hell no!” replied Rob (not his real name). “I don’t think this (expletive) league is well served by ignoring the (expletive) results of the (expletive) regular season in order to keep (expletive) teams interested or to add (expletive) meaningful games.” Silence. Someone is sobbing like a Catholic school boy. “Jon, get a grip of yourself. If this is the way the (expletive) league wants to go in the future, I have a seemingly insane proposal I’m working on that will make sure that EVERY SINGLE (EXPLETIVE) GAME that every (expletive) team plays will be meaningful right down to the last (expletive) game played in that season.” Pause. More weeping, sniffles. “Maybe this constant whining about adding teams to the (expletive) playoffs that can’t even win their (expletive) division, while increasing the chance that some crap team will get hot for two weeks and become a champion will stop.” Silence. Sobbing reaches creshendo, a door slams.

Goldberg, Glanville
talkin' Strat

Editor: Here is the exchange, 17 years ago, between Adam Goldberg and Philly's Doug Glanville.

Dear Mr. Glanville,
I have been playing Strat-O-Matic Baseball for 23 years. My friends introduced me to the game when I was 11 years old. I play in a great little league called the BVL Strat Baseball league ( My team is the NY Knights. I want to know from Doug if he still plays and does he use current teams? Does he replay playoff series or whole seasons? Has he tried to get other major leaguers to play Strat, too? I would love to see a charity event where ballplayers from each team get together for a day or two and play a big leaguers Strat tournament. It would be pretty cool. The players could draft teams like the tournament, but they also get to use their own cards, too. It would be so much fun to watch. ESPN could cover the games. Maybe Bob Costas could do play-by-play: "Glanville picks up the dice. Bret Boone on second with two outs. Larry Walker batting against Octavio Dotel. Glanville shakes the dice . . . rolls . . . 3-6 . . . base hit! Boone comes around to score and Glanville's team takes a 3-2 lead." That would be sweet.
Adam Goldberg,
New York Knights

Well, Adam, sounds like some great ideas. I like the thoughts about having a charity event with players playing themselves or against other players. I haven't been in a formal league in a long time, but I did mess around with the computer version for a long time. At some point, I will get back into the day-to-day management.
Doug Glanville
Philadelphia (NL)