Cocky Simonds angers BVL gods, Cubes survive in 6

December 28 At Indianapolis, Cubes hold home field, sweep first two games of Yogi Series: 4-2 (Kyle Hendricks CG); and 7-2 (Jackie Bradley Jr. 2-R HR in 4th). January 4 At Brooklyn, Brock Holt leads an 18-hit attack as Brooklyn wins Game 3, 11-5. Holt goes 3-4, 2 2Bs, 4RBI. 5 At Brooklyn, David Ortiz 4-5, 2 2Bs, 2 RBI to lead Brooklyn to a 9-2 beating. Series even at 2. Of note, Bruiser owner confident Jon Simonds is overheard, over a live mike Are the Cubes choking? when Cubes boss Andy Villalba Jr. coughed. Groans filled the ballpark. 12 At Brooklyn, Indianapolis rolls, 6-1. Kyle Hendricks throws second CG, 8H, 1W, 13K. At Indianapolis, Cubes, behind Rick Porcello's 5-hit CG, clinches entry into the World Series with a 3-0 victory. All the runs score in the first. For the second straight game, Yogi MVP Brian Dozier clubs a 3-run HR when previous batter is intentionally walked. Of note, David Ortiz doubles in his last at-bat in the BVL. And how hot was Yasiel Puig? The Booklyn centerfielder went a combine 0-8 in Game 5, 6. Still, he hit .500 (12 for 24) in the series.


1945 BVL Review

Brick Church reach mountain top on last day

It took a victory in Game 270 (the final game of the 1945 season) and 13 years before the Brick Church Foys reached the World Series for the first time. Their run began with a lucky roll of the die, a 20-sider to be exact, to win the services of Robinson Cano. In his first at bat, the former Banksville second baseman homered. Cano topped the cicuit in slugging (.581) ¶ Game 270 was a blow out, a 9-1 win. Jacob deGrom pitched a complete game and Paul Goldschmidt swatted two of the six homers hit by the American flag holders. ¶ True or false: the three postseason clubs finished 1-2-3 in games lost to injuries? True. Indianapolis (144), Brooklyn (132) and Brick Church (81) finished 1-2-3, respectively. If you live for injuries, the 1945 campaign was a good one. There were 7 major injuries of 20+ games or more; six were pitchers. No injury proved costly than the 30 games lost by Clayton Kershaw in early July. That's six starts and possible 4 or 5 wins lost. Don't forget, the Foys beat Indianapolis by one game to gain hosting rights for the World Series. ¶ The league posted a 3.32 ERA. Pitchers threw 40 shutouts and 52 complete games. Those figures were significantly less than 1944's 63 and 70, respectively. ¶ Jedd Gyorko, of LES, hit the most homers (19). Who can forget his 3-home run day and 7 RBI against Homestead? Who?

The 1945 action, below:
30 At New York, Knights, Brick Church split: Foys, 8-1 (Robinson Cano homers in first at-bat); and Knights, 4-0 (JA Happ, 3 relievers scatter 3 hits).

23 At Toronto, Monarchs beat Brick Church, 6-5 in 11 (Evan Gattis swats walk-off homer).
24 At Toronto, Monarchs beat Brick Church, 5-2 in 11 (Evan Gattis walk-off 3-R HR).
25 At Toronto, Indianapolis beats Monarchs, 7-6 in 12.
30 At Toronto, Brick Church beats Monarchs, 4-1 (David Price CG, 7H, 5K).

3 At Toronto, Brick Church beats Toronto, 2-0 (Jacob deGrom 6IP, 2H, 2W, 3K).
5 At New England, Hawks beat Brooklyn, 6-3 (Yoenis Cespedes swats walk-off 3-R HR).
6 At New England, Hawks beat Brooklyn, 4-2 (Yoenis Cespedes swats walk-off 2-R HR).
8 At New England, Hawks beat Brooklyn, 3-1 (Tyler Roark CG).
11 At Toronto, Indianapolis sweeps Monarchs: 11-2 (Josh Donaldson 2HRs); and 3-1.

2 At Seward Park, Brick Church wins series 2-1: Foys, 5-2 (Corey Dickerson 3-4, HR, 2RBI); Con-men, 7-2 (Sandy Leon 2-R HR); and Foys, 6-0 (Jameson Taillon 7IP, 7H, 1W, 9K).
3 At Brick Church, Foys win series 2-1 v. LES: Con-men, 5-3 (Miguel Cabrera swats go-ahead 2-R HR in 8th); Foys, 9-5 (Cameron Rupp, 2-4, HR, 2RBI); and Foys, 5-4 (Rupp and Zack Cozart club back-to-back HRs in 8th).
9 At New England, Foys win series 2-1: Foys, 6-4 (Robinson Cano 2-out, 2-RBI 1B in 8th); Foys, 4-1 (Cano HR); and Hawks, 3-0 (Jose Fernandez, CG, 5H, 5W, 10K).
At Seward Park, Indianapolis wins series 4-1: Cubes, 6-0 (Gerritt Cole CG, 5H, 1W, 8K); Cubes, 4-0 (Clayton Kershaw CG, 3H, 1W, 10K); and Con-men, 8-3 (Miguel Cabrera 4-6, 2HRs, 6RBI). At Indianapolis: Cubes, 5-4 (Brian Dozier 2-out, 2-RBI 1B); and Cubes, 6-4 (Dozier 2-R HR in 7th breaks 4-4 tie).
10 At Seward Park, Con-men, Brooklyn split series: Con-men, 5-3 (Bruiser booboos in 8th allow 3 unearned runs); Bruisers, 5-1 (Yadier Molina 3-4); and Con-men, 5-3 (Miguel Cabrera swats 2-R HR in 7th). At Brooklyn: Bruisers, 2-1 (Pen throws 4 perfect innings); Bruisers, 5-3 (Carlos Gomez hits 2-R HR in 7th); and Con-men, 5-2 (Cabrera 2-R HR).
11 At Indianapolis, Cubes roll over LES, 6-1 (Brian Dozier 3-R HR).
12 At New England, Indianapolis wins series 4-2 v. Hawks: Hawks, 2-1 (Paulo Orlando walk-off 1B); Hawks, 4-1 (Hanley Armigers PH 2-RBI 1B in 8th); Cubes, 4-3 (Ryan Braun 2-3, 2RBI); Cubes, 6-5 (Kurt Suzuki 3-4, 2RBI). At Indianapolis: Cubes, 4-3 in 11 (Carlos Hernandez walk-off RBI 3B); and Cubes, 8-3 (Braun, Edwin Encarnacion 2-R HRs in 7th).
15 At New Brooklyn, Bruisers, Homestead split 6: Greys, 5-1 (Max Scherzer CG, 2H, 0W, 16K); Bruisers, 5-4 (Brock Holt 2 2B, 2 RBI); and Greys, 7-2 (Christian Yelich 2-R 1B in 5-R 5th). At Homestead: Greys, 5-4 in 14 (Trevor Story walk-off 2B); Bruisers, 5-3 (David Ortiz 2-R HR); and Bruisers, 4-0 (Drew Pomeranz CG, 2H, 0W, 6K).
16 At New England, Hawks win series 5-1 v. LES: Hawks, 6-4 (Sean Rodriguez PH Grand Slam in 7th); Con-men, 7-3 in 15 (Jonathan Villar 2-RBI 1B); and Hawks, 3-2 (Jason Kipnis tie-breaking RBI 1B IN 6th). At Seward Park: Hawks, 4-3 (Corey Seager go-ahead RBI 2B in 7th); Hawks, 9-2 (Hanley Ramirez 2-R 2B); and Hawks, 6-4 (3 HRs in 9th includes Corey Seager's 2-out, tieing solo and Manny Machado's go-ahead 2-R blast).
17 At Homestead, Greys win series 4-2 v. New England: Greys, 8-5 (7 singles highlight 7-run 4th); Greys, 3-1 (walks in 7th force 2 tallies); and Hawks, 6-5 (Sean Rodriguez go-ahead HR in 9th). At New England: Greys, 5-4 (Francisco Cervelli 3-4, 3 RBI); Hawks, 5-1 (Yeonis Cespedes Grand Slam in 6th); and Greys, 4-2 (Christian Yelich go-ahead HR in 8th).
24 At Brooklyn, Bruisers beat Indianapolis, 9-6 (Aledmys Diaz hits go-ahead 3-R HR in 7th).

5 At Homestead, Greys win series 2-1 v. Toronto: Monarchs, 4-2 (Carlos Santana 2-3, HR); Greys, 5-4 (Jose Altuve delivers 2-out, 2-RBI 1B); and Greys, 6-2 (Jose Ramirez 4-4, 3R).
6 At Toronto, Monarchs beat Homestead, 3-2 (Adam Duvall ties game with 2-out solo HR, Leonys Martin wins it with RBI 1B).
7 At Toronto, Monarchs split pair v. Homestead: Monarchs, 5-2 (Rich Hill 12 whiffs in 8.7IP); and Greys, 2-1 in 14 (George Springer, solo shot).
14 At Brooklyn, Bruisers beat Indianapolis, 9-6 (Aledmys Diaz clubs go-ahead 3-R HR in 7th.
25 At Brooklyn, Indianapolis wins series 3-2: Bruisers, 9-1 (Yasiel Puig 3-4, HR, 2RBI); and Cubes, 5-2 (Freddy Galvis 3-4, HR). At Indianapolis: Cubes, 6-5 (Josh Donaldson 2-4, 3RBI); Cubes, 5-3 (Brian Dozier 2 HRs); and Bruisers, 7-5 (Jean Segura 3-5).
26 At Seward Park, Con-men sweep New York: 4-2 (Jedd Gyorko tie-breaking HR in 6th); 3-2 (Jonathan Villar scores go-ahead run on J.T. Realmutto's error); and 3-0 (Gyorko 2 HRs).
27 At New York, Knights sweep LES: 4-3 in 12 (Carlos Gonzalez walk-off HR); 7-2 (Gonzalez 3-R HR in 7th); and 5-3 (Kyle Seager go-ahead 3-R HR in 3rd).
28 At Homestead, Greys win series 5-1 v. New York: Knights, 9-6 (Ian Kinsler 3-R HR in 6th); Greys, 4-0 (Christian Yelich HR); and Greys, 5-4 in 15 (Kris Bryant walk-off RBI 1B). At New York: Greys, 5-1 (Bryant 3-R HR in 3rd); Greys, 11-0 (Yelich 2-4, 2HRs, 5RBI); and 5-3 (Yelich go-ahead 2-R HR in 6th).
31 At Brooklyn, Bruisers beat Toronto, 2-0 (Chris Archer 8IP, 5H, 2W, 8K).


At Brooklyn, Bruisers split with Toronto: Monarchs, 7-6 (D.J. Lemahieu 3-3, 2R); and Bruisers, 5-4 (Aledmys Diaz HR, 3RBI).
2 At Toronto, Brooklyn over Toronto, 4-2 in 15 (wild pitch scores David Ortiz with go-ahead run).
3 At Toronto, Brooklyn top Monarchs, 3-1 (Jean Segura 4-5, R).
4 At Toronto, Monarchs over Brooklyn, 4-2 (Adrien Beltre 3-R HR). At New York, Knights beat Brick Church, 3-2 (Jeurys Familia throws perfect 9th). At Banksville, Homestead sweeps: 5-4 (Jose Ramirez 3-4, RBI); and 1-0 (Jose Altuve rips 2-out, RBI 2B in 8th).
5 At Brick Church, Foys sweep New York: 3-0 (Andrelton Simmons breaks 2-2 tie with RBI 1B in 7th); 4-2 (Kenley Jansen 6-out S); and 3-1 (Robinson Cano 3-5, R).
6 At Brick Church, Foys sweep New England: 1-0 (Andrelton Simmons homers in 7th); 6-5 in 11 (Cameron Rupp walk-off RBI 1B); and 7-1 (Robinson Cano 3 solo HRs).
At Banksville, Dogs, Homestead split: Dogs, 4-3 (Pen throws 3 hitless innings). At Homestead: Dogs, 2-0 (Zach Grienke 8IP, 5H, 1W, 9K); Dogs, 10-6 (Nomar Mazara 2HRs); and Dogs, 4-3 in 13 (Trevor Story walk-off RBI 1B).
7 At Toronto, Toronto wins series 5-1 v. New York: Monarchs, 9-3 (Jarrod Dyson 2-R triple); Monarchs, 8-7 (Tying and winning runs score with 2 outs on back-to-back errors); Toronto, 2-1 (Carlos Santana HR). At New York: Knights, 1-0 (Elvis Andrus homers in 8th); Monarchs, 3-2 (Dan Otero 2 perfect innings for S); and Monarchs, 2-0 (Johnny Cueto 8IP).
9 At Banksville, Dogs and New York split: Dogs, 4-2 in 11 (Freddie Freeman walk-off 2-R HR); Dogs, 6-2 (Carlos Correa 2HRs, 3RBI); and Knights, 5-0 (J.A. Happ CG, 5H, 2W, 6K). At New York: Dogs, 4-3 (Mark Melancon strands tying run at 3rd); Knights, 6-1 (Yasmani Tomas 2HRs including 3-R shot in 8th); and Knights, 5-3 (Carlos Gonzalez 2-3, HR, 3RBI).
At Banksville, Dogs and Indianapolis split: Cubes, 5-3 (Brian Dozier tiebreaking 2-R HR in 8th); Dogs, 8-0 (Noah Syndergaard CG, 3H, 1W, 12K); and Dogs, 3-0 (Jorge Soler 2-R HR). At Indianapolis: Cubes, 4-2 (Lorenzo Cain go-ahead 2-R HR in 8th); Cubes, 3-2 (Ryan Braun breaks 2-2 tie with RBI 1B in 8th); and Dogs, 4--2 (Bryce Harper 2-5, RBI).
At Brick Church, Foys sweep Banksville: 1-0 (James Paxton, Kenley Jansen combine on 5-hiter); 7-4 (Robinsn Cano HR); and 5-2 (James McCann 2-R HR).
10 At Banksville, Dogs go 2-1 v. Brick Church: Dogs, 1-0 (Matt Weiters walk-off HBP); Foys, 3-1 (Nelson Arrenado RBI 1B in 8th); and Dogs 4-3 in 10 (Kolten Wong walk-off RBI 3B).
At Toronto, Monarchs, Brick Church split: Foys, 8-5 in 10 (nine homers hot including Corey Dickerson's 3-R HR in 10th); and Monarchs, 3-2 (Evan Gattis, 2-4, HR, 2RBI).
At Brooklyn, New England wins series: Hawks, 11-3 (Steven Souza 4-6, HR, 4RBI); Hawks, 7-1 (Yoenis Cespedes 3-5, HR, 3RBI); and Bruisers, 8-4 in 12 (Carlos Gomez walk-off GS).
11 At Toronto, Indianapolis wins, 7-2 (Brian Dozier 3R).
19 At Indianapolis, Cubes go 2-1 v. Toronto: Monarchs, 3-2 (Adrien Beltre ties game with 2-out HR, Didi Gregorius delivers go-ahead RBI 1B); Cubes, 3-1 (Brian Dozier 2-R HR); and 2-0 (Junior Guerra CG, 3H, 3W, 7k). FIRST HALF CONCLUDES.
20 At New York, Knights win series v. New England: Hawks, 8-2 (Jason Kipnis 2-RBI 1B); Knights, 7-4 (Carlos Gonzalez 3-R HR); and Knights, 4-0 (With bases full in 7th, a walk, a wild pitch and a 2-base error drive in the runs).
21 At New England, Hawks go 1-2 v. New York: Knights, 5-1 (Carlos Gonzalez 2HRS, 4RBI); Knights, 3-2 (Daniel Murphy 2-R HR); and Hawks, 3-2 (Corey Seager 3-4, 2RBI).
At New York, Knights go 2-1 v. Brooklyn: Knights, 2-1 (J.A. Happ CG, 5H, 2W, 9K); Knights, 3-2 (Ian Kinsler walk-off RBI 1B); and Bruisers, 3-1 in 12 (Yadier Molina go-ahead RBI 2B).
22 At Brooklyn, Bruisers 2-1 v. New York: Bruisers, 8-3 (David Ortiz 2-R HR); Bruisers, 8-0 (Drew Pomeranz CG, 3H, 1W, 9K); and Knights, 3-2 (consecutive homers in 7th by Steven Piscotty, Steave Pearce, and Yasmany Tomas erase 2-0 deficit).
23 At Brick Church, Foys sweep Toronto: 2-1 (Nelson Arenado go-ahead HR in 7th); and 6-3 (Paul Goldschmidt 2-4, HR, 4RBI).
24 At Brick Church, Foys sweep Brooklyn: 11-0 (Nelson Cruz 3-4, HR); 2-0 (second time Zack Britton, Kenley Jansen pitch 3 shutout innings); and 3-2 (Jansen, Britton throw 2.3 hitless innings).
25 At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. Brick Church: Bruisers, 8-2 (Jean Segura 4-4, 2R); Foys, 6-3 (Nelson Cruz 2HRs, 4RBI); and Bruisers, 7-6 (Carlos Gomez 3-4, HR, 3RBI).
26 At Banksville, Dogs win series v. LES: Dogs, 5-1 (2 first-inning errors allow 4 unearned runs to score); Dogs, 2-1 (PH Todd Frazier walk-off RBI 2B); and Dogs, 2-1 in 10 (Neil Walker 2-out, walk-off 1B).
At Seward Park: Con-men, 4-0 (Marco Estrada CG, 2H, 3W, 6K); Dogs, 3-2 (Bryce Harper 2-4, HR); and Con-men, 4-2 (Miguel Cabrera walk-off, 2-out 3-R HR).
27 At Homestead, Greys, LES split series: Greys, 6-1 (Max Scherzer CG, 3H, 4W, 11K); Con-men, 8-4 (Jedd Gyorko 3HRs, 7RBI); and Greys, 4-3 in 10 (Buster Posey walk-off !B). At Seward Park: Greys, 6-3 (Jose Altuve 2-5, 3RBI); Con-men, 5-2 (Sandy Leon HR, 3RBI); and Con-men, 12-5 (Miguel Cabrera GS in 8-run 2nd).
28 At Brick Church, Foys beat Toronto, 5-1 (Chris Sales CG in first start, 4H, 1W, 11K).
29 At Brick Church, Foys go 2-1 v. Homestead: Foys, 2-1 (Jonathan Schoop go-ahead HR in 7th); Foys, 2-1 (Zach Briton 6-out S); and Greys, 6-1 Anibal Sanchez CG, 3H, 4W, 9K).
30 At Toronto, Monarchs go 2-1 v. New England: Hawks, 2-1 (Joey Votto RBI 1B in 8th); Monarchs, 8-1 (Didi Gregorius 3-5, 2HRs, 5RBI); and Monarchs, 3-1 (Josh Harrison 3-4, 1R).
At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. New York: Bruisers, 4-3 (Adeiny Hechavarria 1-out, WO RBI 1B); Knights, 8-5 (Yasmany Tomas 3-R HR); and Bruisers, 2-1 (Brad Brach retires the side 1-2-3 for the save).

2 At Homestead, Indianapolis goes 2-1: Cubes, 3-2 (Edwin Encarnacion 2-R HR); Cubes, 6-5 (Encarnacion go-ahead 2-out, 2-R 2B); and Greys, 4-3 in 10 (Jose Ramirez WO RBI 2B).
10 At Indianapolis, Cubes win series 2-1 v. Brick Church: Cubes, 6-5 in 12 (Wilmer Flores WO HR); Foys, 3-0 (Chris Sale CG, 4H, 1W, 9K); and Cubes, 6-4 (Josh Donaldson go-ahead 3-R HR in 5th).
17 At Indianapolis, LES wins series, 2-1: Cubes, 5-1 (Kyle Hendricks CG, 5H, 1W, 9K); Con-men, 2-1 (Nate Jones 1-2-3 9th for S); and Con-men, 5-3 (Jonathan Villar delivers go-ahead RBI 2B in 9th).
18 At New England, Hawks and Banksville split series: Hawks, 5-3 (Corey Seager 2-out, 2-R walk-off HR); Dogs, 3-0 (Yu Darvish 8IP, Mark Melancon combine on 1-hitter); and Dogs, 4-2 in 10 (Yeonis Cespedes drops 2-out fly ball, 2 unearned runs score). At Banksville: Dogs, 7-1 (Kenta Maeda CG, 7H, 1W, 10K); Hawks, 7-4 (PH Joey Votto slugs go-ahead 3-R HR in 6th); and Hawks, 5-2 (Willson Contreras homers in 7th, double home a pair in 8th).
19 At Toronto, Banksville sweeps: 7-6 (Freddie Freeman GS in 3rd); and 4-2 in 11 (Mike Trout go-ahead 2-R HR). 20 At Toronto, Toronto sweeps Banksville: 4-3 (Down 3-2, Tucker Barnhart swats 2-R HR in 7th); and 6-5 (Khris Davis snaps 5-5 tie with RBI hit in 7th).
23 At Seward Park, Con-men beat Indianapolis, 3-2 (Jedd Gyorko solo HR in 8th).
24 At Banksville, Dogs sweep Toronto: 3-1 (Matt Wieters 2-R HR); and 3-1 (Bryce Harper 3-4, RBI).
26 At Seward Park, Con-men split with Indianapolis: Cubes, 3-1 (Evan Gattis 2-4, HR); and Con-men, 6-3 (Jonathan Villar 1-3, 3RBI).
27 At Banksville, Dogs, Toronto split: Monarchs, 2-1 (Tucker Barnhardt HR, 2RBI); and Dogs, 8-0 (Kenta Maeda CG, 2H, 2W, 4K).
28 At Banksville, Dogs beat Toronto, 6-5 (Carlos Correa, Mike Trout go back-o-back in first).
29 At Indianapolis, Homestead sweeps, claim first place in National race: 3-2 (Craig Kimbrel strikes out Jackie Bradley Jr. with the bases full to end the game); 6-3 (Billy Hamilton 3-4, 3R); 6-4 (Kris Bryant 4-4, 1R, 1RBI).

1 At Brick Church, Foys beat Toronto, 5-3 (Wilson Ramos 2-RBI 1B).
At New York, Knights sweep New England: 7-4 (Elvis Andrus 2-R HR in 8th); 5-4 in 16 (J.T. Realmuto WO RBI 1B); and 5-1 (John Lackey CG, 4H, 3W, 9K).
2 At New England, Hawks win series 2-1 v. pesky New York: Hawks, 7-3 (Paulo Orlando 3-RBI 2B in 5th); Knights, 4-2 (Scooter Gennet, Stephen Piscotty homer in 6th); and Hawks, 4-3 in 11 (Orlando 2-out, WO 1B).
At New York, Knights win series 2-1 v. Brooklyn: Knights, 7-3 (Scooter Gennett 3-R HR); Knights, 5-4 (Anthony Rendon 2-out, go-ahead 2RBI 2B in 8th); and Bruisers, 5-0 (Chris Archer CG, 4H, 2W, 12K).
3 At Brick Church, Foys sweep Toronto: 4-2 (Paul Goldschmidt 1-3, HR); and 4-3 (Nolan Arenado 2-4, HR).
At New England, Toronto wins series 2-1: Monarchs, 6-3 (Carlos Santana 2HRs); Monarchs, 4-3 in 11 (Corey Seager 2-base error allows go-ahead run to score; in bottom 9 and bases full of Hawks, PH Steven Souza Jr. hits into triple play); and Hawks, 4-1 (Seager 2H, 2RBI).
4 At Homestead, LES goes 4-2: Con-men, 8-2 (J.D. Martinez 3-5, 3RB); Greys, 6-4 (Christian Yellich 2-R HR); and Con-men, 4-2 (Miguel Cabrera go-ahead RBI breaks 2-2 score in 9th). At Seward Park, Con-men, 5-4 (Yunel Escobar walk forces go-ahead run); Greys, 6-5 (Buster Posey go-ahead 2-RBI 1B in 8th); and Con-men, 6-5 (Martinez 2-out, WO 3-R HR).
5 At Banksville, Brooklyn, Banksville split series: Bruisers, 9-1 (Drew Pomeranz 8IP, 0R, 4H, 3W, 9K); Bruisers, 2-1 (Mookie Betts 2-R HR in 4th); and Dogs, 6-5 (Freddie Freeman GS, doubles in go-ahead run with 2 gone in 8th). At Brooklyn: Bruisers, 11-4 (David Ortiz 3-5, 3-R HR); Dogs, 7-6 (Mike Trout (3-4, 3RBI); and Dogs, 6-1 (Neil Walker 2-R HR).
7 At New York, Indianapolis sweeps: 4-2 (Jackie Bradley Jr. 2HRs, 3RBI); 4-2 (Brian Dozier 2-out, tiebreaking 2-R HR in 8th); and 9-5 (Freddy Galvis 4-5, 3RBI in Bartolo "Big Sexy" Colon's probable last game; NY eliminated).
8 At Indianapolis, Cubes win series 2-1 v. New York: Cubes, 4-0 (Daniel Murphy HR, 2RBI); Cubes, 5-3 (Evan Gattis 3-4, RBI); and Knights, 11-0 (Adam Eaton 4-6, 2HRs, 5RBI).
9 At Seward Park, Toronto wins series 2-1: Monarchs, 8-3 (Jarod Dyson 3-4, 2RBI); Con-men, 6-1 (Ervin Santana CG, 6H, 1ER, 2W, 2K); Monarchs, 3-0 (Clayton Kershaw CG, 5H, 0W, 10K). Note: 11 of 30 home games rained out at LES, plus 4 on road. 14
At Toronto, Monarchs win series 2-1 v. LES: Monarchs, 3-2 in 11 (Jarrod Dyson WO RBI 2B); Monarchs, 9-3 (Khris Davis 2HRs, 5RBI); and Con-men, 6-4 (Davis grounds into game-ending DP with bases full).
At Homestead, Greys cut lead to 1 with walk-off triumph over Indianapolis, 3-2. Brandon Crawford delivers Will Myers home with 2-out hit.
15 At Homestead, Greys win 7-2, tie Indianapolis in Central race. Carlos Martinez returns from injury, throws CG, goes 2-4, RBI.
16 At Homestead, Indianapolis win 4-0, retakes Central. Junior Guerra CG, 2H, 2W, 3K.
At New England, Brooklyn sweeps Hawks, clinch division flag: 10-5 (Mookie Betts 2HRs, 5RBI); 7-6 (Jean Segura hits tie-breaking 2-R in 8th); and 3-1 (Matt Kemp, David Ortiz hit solo HRs in 4th).
17 At Indianapolis, Homestead rally and sweep pair, regain first in Central: 3-2 (Brandon Crawford 2B scores PR Billy Hamilton with go-ahead run in 8th); and 3-2 in 10 (George Springer scores on wild pitch; winners tied the game with 2 runs in 9th).
18 At Indianapolis, Cubes defeat Homestead, 1-0. Kyle Hendricks throws 1-hitter, 2W, 7K. Clubs tied for first.
At Banksville, Dogs go 2-1 v. Toronto: Dogs, 2-1 in 14 (Jack Lamb WO RBI 1B). At Toronto, Dogs, 3-2 (Jonathan Lucry HR in 8th); and Monarchs, 1-0 in 12 (PH Adam Duval HR).
At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. New England: Bruisers, 8-2 (Mookie Betts 3-R HR); Bruisers, 5-4 (Brad Brack strands bases full); and Hawks, 12-5 (Joey Votto 3-5, HR, 3RBI).

8 At Homestead, Greys sweep Brick Church: 8-2 (George Springer crashes 3-R HR); and 3-1 (Max Scherzer CG, 4H, 0W, 12K). Greys lead Cubes by 1 game (by 2 in the win column).
12 At Homested, Brick Church wins, 4-3 (Robinson Cano hits go-ahead solo homer in 9th; 2 Greys were thrown out at home).
At Brick Church, Indianapolis sweeps: 5-3 (Josh Donaldson 2-R 2B highlights 5-run 8th; Kenley Jansen allows 4 runs in 0IP); and 8-7 (Evan Gattis go-ahead RBI 1B in 8th).
13 At Brick Church, Indianapolis wins, 5-3, to clinch Central title on the last day. Brian Dozier erases a 3-1 Cube hole with a 3-R bomb in the 6th.
16 At Brick Church, Foys split series with Banksville to clinch first trip to World Series: Dogs, 3-2 (Bryce Harper delivers 2-out RBI 1B in 9th); Dogs, 4-3 (Neil Walker 3-R HR in 3rd); Foys, 5-3 (Marcel Ozuna 2-R HR in 4th); Foys, 3-0 (James Paxton 6IP, 1H, 1W, 5K); Dogs, 9-2 (Freddie Freeman GS, 5RBI); and Foys, 9-1 (Jacob deGrom CG, strikes out Jonathan Lucroy to end matters, Paul Goldschmidt swats 2 of 6 Foy dingers).