Toronto wins opener before scandal rocks Indy
The hype between the first father-son playoff clash caught the BVL world by storm. The Rat against the Mouse. How great is that? Trash talk filled the local radio air waves. For Andrew Villalba Sr., the moment to defeat his son for breaking his consecutive win record and to finally quiet the loud mouth arrived at long last. ¶ At Toronto, Matt Joyce swatted a pinch-hit three-run homer in the 8th for a 6-3 victory in Game 1 of the Yogi series. Then madness surfaced before the start of Game 2. Indianapolis boss Andrew Villalba Jr. suddenly declared his immediate retirement. As a result, he told the world, he would not pay $25.00 (the fee used for the 1947 cards). The Cube players went on strike. Indianapolis would forfeit the series; Toronto advanced to their first World Series -- and senior Villalba's first in 22 years. How about that?


1946 BVL Review

Monarchs, Knights shine on last day, overcome odds

Snickers emanating from inside the BVL owners bash in Staten Island reached the Canadian heartland when Toronto signed aging veteran Adam Jones to a rich free agent deal. Angered fans immediately scheduled the Feel the Burn, Rat rally. Thousands tossed their tickets into a five-story-high bonfire. Even the local fire department participated in the protest. ¶ The mood in Monarch Nation touched bottom when Corey Kluber became the third player to suffer a career-ending injury. Monarchs is dead. ¶ And yet, here they were hosting the American Division playoff game against LES, who survived the War for Downtown series with Brick Church and the appropriately named NYC Scrappers. ¶ The playoff game was tied 7-7 when the already-mentioned Mr. Jones cracked the walk-off Grand Slam. That's how the American was won. ¶ In the National, there was little drama. The Indianapolis Ice Cubes rolled to a record 22 consecutive wins and held a 5-game lead over rival, the New York Knights. Their season-ending six-game series received little coverage; the Cubes stood one win away from a berth in the World Series. But on their last day, the Knights completed the Mouse Trap Massacre with a 7-0 victory, sweeping the six-game series. Knights Max Scherzer struck out 15 Cubes. ¶ Other seasonal highlights: Chris Sale threw the first Opening Day no-hitter for Brick Church; pitchers throw 46 shutouts; Lance Lynn won the historic first game for the expansion Scrappers, who finished with the best record ever by an expansion club; Faith Night returned; and Mr. R. Charles was named secondary owner at Banksville. The Dogs applauded the news by getting swept three games. Oh, the pain.

The 1946 action, below:
17 At Brooklyn, benches clear as New England beats Brooklyn, 8-5 (Hawk starter Alex Wood ejected; Justin Smoak swats 2 home runs, 5 RBI).
19 At Brooklyn, New England, Bruisers split: Hawks, 3-1 (Zack Cozart 2-R HR); Bruisers, 6-2 (Robinson Cano HR).
20 At Brick Church, Foys beat Brooklyn, 7-0 (Chris Sale throws no-no, walks 1, strikes out 12; it's the first Opening Day no-hitter in BVL history).
At Brick Church, Toronto beats Foys, 9-2 (Didi Gregorius Grand Slam in first).
21 At Indianapolis, Cubes, Toronto split: Cubes, 4-0 (Robbie Ray CG, 4 hits); and Monarchs, 1-0 in 14 (PH Jose Martinez HR).
At Brick Church, Foys beat Toronto, 5-3 (Kenley Jansen 6-out S).
24 At Brick Church, Foys beat Indianapolis, 6-0 (Aaron Nola CG, 3H, 3W, 13K).
27 At Brick Church, Toronto beats Foys, 2-1 (Jose Martinez 2-RBI 2B).
28 At Toronto, Monarchs beat Brick Church, 3-2 (Adam Duval HR in 4th).
29 At Brick Church, Foys sweep Indianapolis: 7-4 (Wilson Castillo 3-R HR); and 6-5 in 12 (Jonathan Schoop WO RBI single).

4 At New York, Scrappers win series v. Brick Church, 2-1: Scrappers, 2-0 (Lance Lynn 6.7IP, 6H, 3W, wins historic first game, delivers first hit in Scrappers history; Eddie Rosario drives in first run); Foys, 5-2 (PH Corey Dickerson solo HR in 6th); and Scrappers, 7-6 in 13 (Paul Dejong 2-out, WO RBI single, hits first Scrapper homer. Brick Church to send complaints about construction of "upper" upper deck during game and poor lighting).
At Toronto, Homestead sweeps: 5-4 (Mike Zunino tie-breaking HR in 9th); and 8-5 (Corey Seager clubs 2 of 6 Grey homers).
5 At Toronto, Homestead wins, 2-1 (go-ahead run scores of 2-base error in 8th).
11 At Homestead, Greys win series 2-1 v. Indianapolis: Cubes, 5-1 (Robbie Ray CG, ER, 3H, 6W, 9K); Greys, 5-0 (Trevor Bauer CG, 5H, 3W, 10K); and Greys, 11-2 (Michael Conforto 2-5, 4RBI). 16
At Seward Park, Indianapolis wins series 2-1: Cubes, 5-3 in 10 (Yuli Gurriel 2-R HR); Con-men, 9-3 (J.D. Martinez 3 solo HRs); and Cubes, 3-1 (Freddy Galvis go-ahead 2-R HR in 7th).
17 At Indianapolis, Cubes, LES split: Con-men, 9-1 (Charlie Blackmon 2-R HR); and Cubes, 4-2 (PH Yonder Alonso go-ahead 2-R HR in 7th).
18 At Indianapolis, LES outscores Cubes, 10-7 (JD Martinez 4-5, HR, 4RBI).
19 At Seward Park, Homestead wins series 2-1: Greys, 5-2; Greys, 5-0 (Luis Severino, 2 RPs combine on 5-hitter); and Con-men, 7-5 (J.D. Martinez GS in 4th).

1 At Toronto, LES club Monarchs, 10-1 (Jose Abreu 2-R HR).
2 At Toronto, LES clubs Monarchs again, 10-2 (J.D. Martinez 2-4, 3-R HR).
6 At Homesead, Greys beat NYC, 5-1 (Trevor Bauer CG, 1ER, 4H, 2W, 8K; game delayed by NBA Finals G3, Colbert monologue).
7 At Toronto, Monarchs blank LES, 6-0 (Corey Kluber CG, 4H, 1B, 11K).
8 At Seward Park, Con-men beat Toronto, 2-0 (Five pitchers combine on 3-hitter).
9 At Brick Church, Foys sweep Brooklyn: 2-1 (PH Justin Bour go-ahead 2-R HR in 7th); and 9-2 (Andrew McCutchen 2 solo HRs).
11 At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. Homestead: Bruisers, 5-4 (Chad Green perfect 6-out S); Greys, 6-2 (PH Trey Mancini 2-R HR in 9th); and Bruisers, 6-2 (Salvador Perez 3-R HR in 1st).
12 At Brooklyn, Bruisers sweep NYC: 13-2 (Austin Jackson 4-5, HR, 5RBI); and 9-5 (Joey Votto 4-4, HR).
13 At New York, Scrappers split with Brooklyn: Scrappers, 4-0 (Freddie Freeman 2 2-R HRs); and Bruisers, 6-0 (Drew Pomeranz 8.3IP, 5H, 2W, 11K).
17 At New England, New York City wins series 2-1: Hawks, 3-2 (Cody Allen strands tying run at 3rd with final whiff); Scrappers, 4-3 (Wilner Flores RBI 1B in 7th); and Scrappers, 3-2 (Flores 2-3, HR, 3RBI).
18 At New York, Knights sweep New England: 5-1 (Anthony Rendon 2-RBI 1B in 8th); 9-8 in 17 (Scooter Gennet WO 2-R HR); and 4-3 (Austin Barnes WO HBP RBI).
19 At New England, Hawks return sweep of New York: 7-6 in 15 (Aaron Hicks WO HR); 4-1 (Logan Morrison 2-4, 2RBI); and 6-5 (Zach Cozart HR ties it night, Jose Ramirez 2-out WO HR wins it).
20 At New York City, Knights beat Scrappers in first-ever clash, 5-1 (Zach Grienke losses no-no bid when Eddie Rosario hits a 55% chance homerun-robbing dinger -- with 2 outs).
At New York City, New England beats Scrappers, 9-3 (Jose Ramirez 3-5, 3R, RBI).
24 At Seward Park, Con-men split with Toronto: Monarchs, 6-3 (Eric Hosmer ty-breaking 2-R HR in 7th); and Con-men, 3-0 (Marco Estrada CG, 3H, 0W, 8K).
At Brick Church, New York sweeps: Knights, 3-1 (Austin Barnes 3-5, RBI); 4-3 (Anthony Rendon SF RBI in 8th); and 9-4 (Rendon 2 solo HRs).
25 At New York, Knights win series 2-1 v. LES: Knights, 6-3 in 12 (Christian Vazquez 2-out 3-R WO HR); Knights, 5-1 (Zach Grienke CG, 4H, 0W, 10K); and Con-men, 2-1 (Pat Neshek strands tying run at 3B).
26 At Indianapolis, Cubes win series 2-1 v. Brooklyn: Cubes, 9-1 (Kole Calhoun 2-3, HR, 5RBI); Bruisers, 4-3 (Aaron Altherr go-ahead RBI 2B in 9th); and Cubes, 1-0 (Justin Upton RBI 2B).
27 At New England, Hawks, Greys split: Hawks, 11-3 (Logan Morrison 3-5, HR, 6RBI); and Greys, 6-4 (Corey Seager go-ahead RBI 1B in 9th).
28 At New England, Homestead wins, 6-4 in 17 (Zach Godley suicide squeeze RBI breaks deadlock).

1 At Brooklyn, New York City beats Bruisers, 5-4 (Roberto Osuna perfect 6-out S).
2 At Homestead, Greys outlast NYC, 3-2 (Trey Mancini WO RBI 1B).
4 At New York, Knights sweep Toronto: 6-2 (Austin Barnes 2 RBI 2Bs); 7-1 (Marwin Gonzalez 2-R HR in 1st); and 3-0 (Ryan Zimmerman 2-R HR in 6th).
8 At Toronto, New York Knights win, 8-3 (PH Lorenzo Cain triples home 3 runs).
9 At Homestead, Greys beat NYC, 4-3 (Craig Kimbrel retires final five batters for the save).
10 At Toronto, Monarchs roll over New York, 6-0 (Carlos Carrasco CG, 8W, 4W, 10K).
11 At Toronto, Monarchs beat New York, 6-2 (Mike Moustakas 2-R HR).
12 At New York, NYC sweeps Knights: 7-1 (Jon Lester CG, 7H, 1W, 12K); and 2-1 (Jay Bruce 2-out HR in 9th snaps tie).
13 At New York, Knights beat NYC, 5-2 (Avasial Garcia 3-4, RBI).
14 At Brooklyn, Indianapolis sweeps: 5-4 (Edwin Encarnacion HR in 8th); and 5-3 (Encarnacion HR, 2RBI).
15 At Brooklyn, Indianapolis wins, 2-1 (Robbie Ray CG, 3H, 3W, 13K).
16 At New England, LES wins series, 2-1: Con-men, 6-3 (Jose Abreu tybreaking 2-RBI 2B in 7th); Hawks, 7-3 (Manny Machado GS in 2nd); and Con-men, 5-0 (Ervin Santana CG, 6H, 1W, 4K).
17 At New York City, Brooklyn wins, 7-5 (Giancarlo Stanton clubs go-ahead 3-R HR in 9th).
21 At Indianapolis, Cubes extend win streak to 7, sweep Brick Church: 4-2 (Brian Dozier 2-R HR in 6th); 1-0 (Klyle Hendricks, 2 relievers combine on 4-hitter); and 8-2 (Josh Donaldson 2 2-R HRs).
25 At New York City, Homestead wins series 2-1: Greys, 12-6 in 10 (HBP on Will Myers forces in go-ahead run); Greys, 5-1 (Masahiro Tanaka, Craig Kimbrel whiff 14K, combined); and Scrappers, 3-2 (Tommy Phan scores winning run on Corey Seager error).
28 At New York City, Scrappers sweep New York Knights: 2-1 (Jose Peraza solo HR in 6th); and 2-0 (Jose Quintana, 2 relievers combine on 5-hitter).
29 At Indianapolis, Cubes sweep Toronto: 6-1 (Brian Dozier GS in 1st; Corey Kluber becomes third player in BVL to have career cut short to injury). At Toronto, 3-1 (Kurt Suzuki 2 solo HRs).
31 At Homestead, Banksville wins series, 2-1: Greys, 8-3 (Mike Zunino 2-R HR in 7th); Dogs, 9-4 (Gary Sanchez 2-RBI 1B in 7th); and Dogs, 7-4 (Bryce Harper 2 2-R HRs).

1 At Banksville, Dogs win series 2-1 v. Homestead: 1-0 (Jhoulys Chacin, Ryan Madson combine on 3-hitter); Greys, 6-1 (Carlos Martinez CG, 7H, 3W, 7K); and Dogs, 2-0 (Kolten Wong solo HR in 4th).
At New England, Foys sweep Hawks: 1-0 (James Paxton, 3 relievers combine on 3-hitter); and 2-1 (PH Corey Dickerson go-ahead RBI 1B in 7th during Maine action).
2 At Banksville, Dogs win series 2-1 v. LES: 1-0 (Bruce Harper WO RBI 1B); Dogs, 4-0 (Yu Darvish, Ryan Madson combine on 5-hitter); and Con-men, 7-6 (J.D. Martinez solo HR in 9th the difference).
At Brooklyn, Bruisers sweep Brick Church: 2-1 (Wade Davis enters with bases full, no outs to earn the save); and 6-3 (Giancarlo Stanton 2-R HR in 8th in Maine action).
4 At Brooklyn, Bruisers beat Brick Church, 5-3 (Salvador Perez solo HR in 8th). At Seward Park, LES wins series 2-1 v. Banksville: Dogs, 12-10 in 15 (Bryce Harper 2-R HR in 15); Con-men, 3-2 (Joe Gallo WO 2-R HR); and 2-1 (Jose Abreu go-ahead RBI 1B in 8th).
5 At Banksville, Dogs win series v. NY Knights: Dogs, 4-2 (Anthony Rizzo WO, 2-out, 2-R HR); Dogs, 3-0 (Jhoulys Chacin 8IP, combines with Andrew Miller on 4-hitter); and Knights, 11-4 (Ryan Zimmerman 3-5, HR, 4RBI).
At New England, Brick Church wins, 7-2 (Ender Inciarte 3-5, R).
6 At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. Banksville: Dogs, 4-1 (Carlos Correa solo HR in 8th); Bruisers, 12-7 (Adrian Beltre 2-5, HR, 5RBI); and Bruisers, 3-2 (Aaron Altherr solo HR in 8th breaks tie).
7 At Brick Church, Banksville wins, 5-1 in 11 (Bryce Harper 2-RBI 1B in 11th).
8 At Brick Church, Foys sweep Banksville: 6-4 (Welington Castillo 2-out, go-ahead 3-R in 8th); and 3-2 (Paul Goldschmidt snaps 2-2 tie in 8th with solo HR).
At New York City, New England sweeps the Scrappers: 6-3 (Zach Cozart 2-RBI 3B in 8th); and 13-9 (Buster Posey 2-5, HR, 5RBI).
9 At Banksville, Dogs win series v. New England 2-1: Hawks, 7-5 (Yasiel Puig, HR, 2RBI); Dogs, 2-0 (Matt Wieters 2-RBI 1B in 6th); and Dogs, 2-1 (Xander Bogearts highlights rally with WO RBI hit).
14 At Toronto, Monarchs sweep Banksville in Mr. R. Charles deput as secondary owner: 1-0 (Clayton Kershaw CG, 5H, 3W, 7K); 2-1 (Aroldis Chapman strands tying run on 3rd); and 10-5 (winners outslug losers in dingers, 5-3).
15 At Toronto, Indianapolis extends win streak to 10 with sweep: 7-2 (Justin Upton GS in 8th); and 6-2 (Edwin Encarnacion HR).
16 At Brick Church, Foys win series 2-1 v. Homestead: Greys, 4-3 (Corey Seager 3-4, 2RBI); Foys, 6-4 (Paul Goldschmidt 2-4, 2RBI); and Foys, 4-2 (Chris Sale 6.2IP, 4H, 2ER, 1W, 14K).
17 At Homestead, Brick Church wins series 2-1: Foys, 4-3 (Paul Goldschmidt HR in 6th); Foys, 2-0 (Dallas Keuchel, 3 relievers combine on 2-hitter); and Greys, 6-5 (Mike Zunino WO solo HR).
At Seward Park, Brooklyn wins series 2-1: Con-men, 5-4 in 10 (Gerardo Parra W-O, 2-out, RBI 1B); Bruisers, 5-3 (Giancarlo Stanton 2-R HR); and Bruisers, 7-1 (Stanton, Bradley Zimmer each swat 3-R HR).
18 At Brooklyn, LES sweeps: 6-3 (Dee Gordon snaps 3-3 score with solo HR); 4-2 (J.D. Martinez hits two solo HRs); and 8-6 (Martinez again his two homers, both 2-R shots).
19 At New York, Brick Church wins series 2-1: Knights, 3-2 (Marwin Gonzalez snaps tie with solo HR in 6th): Foys, 10-2 (Andrew McCutchen 2HRs, 3RBI); and Foys, 3-2 (Ender Inciarte robs Aaron Judge of two HRs).
At New England, Hawks win series 2-1 v. Toronto: Hawks, 10-4 (Manny Machado 4-4, HR, 3RBI); Hawks, 4-3 (Machado breaks tie with solo HR in 8th); and Monarchs, 6-4 (game ends as Jose Ramirez pops out with bases full).
20 At Toronto, Monarchs beat New England, 10-1 (Mike Moustakas 3-R HR in 8th).
21 At Toronto, Monarchs, New England split: Hawks, 8-7 (Buster Posey tie-breaking HR in 9th); and Monarchs, 8-7 (Eric Hosmer 2-RBI 1B in 8th).
At Indianapolis, Cubes extend streak to 11, beat Banksville, 6-0 (Daniel Murphy 2-4, 2RBI). 22 At Indianapolis, Cubes roll to their 12th straight win, beat Banksville, 9-2 (Brian Dozier 2HRs, 3RBI).
23 At Toronto, Monarchs sweep Brooklyn: 4-1 (Carlos Carrasco CG, 4H, 3W, 12K); 4-1 (Adam Duval 2-R HR); and 1-0 (Danny Salazar 7.2IP, 2 relievers combine on 3-hitter).
At Indianapolis, Cubes sweep NYC, extend win streak to 14 straight: 4-2 (Brian Dozer 3-4, HR, 3RBI); and 4-2 (Kurt Suzuki's second HR is a go-ahead 2-R shot in 7th).
24 At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. Toronto: Monarchs, 10-8 in 11 (Go-ahead runs score on CF Bradley Zimmer error); Bruisers, 6-4 (Giancarlo Stanton 3-R HR in 5th); and Bruisers, 5-4 (Salvador Perez WO 2-R HR).
26 At Indianapolis, Cubes streak now 15 with win over NYC, 3-2 (Josh Donaldson RBI 1B in 3rd).
27 At Indianapolis, Cubes sweep Banksville, win streak now 3rd longest in history at 17: 2-0 (Robbie Ray CG, 2H, 2W, 12K); and at Banksville, 4-0 (Andrew Cashner 8IP, Michael Givens combine on 2-hitter).
28 At Banksville, Indianapolis wins 18th straight, 6-2 (Brian Dozier 2-5, HR).
29 At Brick Church, Foys win series 2-1 v. New England: Foys, 5-1 (Andrew McCutchen 2-RBI 2B in 7th); Foys, 1-0 (Aaron Nola 5.7, 3 relievers combine on 2-hitter); and Hawks, 6-1 (Chris Archer CG, 1ER, 7H, 2W, 11K).
31 At Seward Park, NY Knights sweep: 5-1 (Aaron Judge 3-3, HR, 2RBI); 6-2 (Joey Votto 3-R HR in 3rd); and 5-3 in 11 (Scooter Gennett breaks deadlock with RBI 1B).

3 At Indianapolis, Cubes blank New England, 5-0 (Daniel Murphy 3-4, 2-R HR).
4 At Banksville, Dogs win series v. NYC: Dogs, 3-0 (Jhoulys Chacin, 2 relievers combine on 4-hitter); Scrappers, 4-3 (J.T. Realmuto breaks 3-3 score with solo HR in 8th); and Dogs, 1-0 in 11 (Kenta Maeda allows 1 hit, 14k in 9IP; run scores on Astrubal Cabrera 2-base throwing error).
5 At New York City, Scrappers win series 2-1 v. Banksville: Scrappers, 4-3 (Eddie Rosario 3-3, RBI); Scrappers, 8-2 (Paul Dejong GS in 3rd); and Dogs, 8-7 (Bryce Harper 3-4, HR).
6 At Homestead, Toronto stuns, sweeps Greys: 13-3 (Matt Joyce HR, 4RBI); 7-3 (Joyce 2-R HR in 7th); and 3-0 (Marcus Stroman 7.1, 2 relievers combine on 4-hitter; Monarchs on 8-1 streak).
8 At Indianapolis, Cubes sweep New England: 3-1 (Mike Clevinger CG, 4H, 1ER, 7W, 8K); and 3-0 (Robbie Ray 8.1IP, 13K; Daniel Murphy, 3 others ejected in brawl).
9 At New England, Hawks win series 2-1 v. Indianapolis: 3-0 (Kyle Hendricks 8.2IP, 4H, 3W, 4K); Hawks, 3-2 in 10 (Jose Ramirez WO 1B); and Hawks, 6-4 (Logan Morrison 2-out, go-ahead 3-R HR in 8th).
10 At Homestead, Brooklyn wins series 2-1: Bruisers, 3-1) Giancarlo Stanton HR in 8th); Bruisers, 5-1 (Javier Baez 3-5, HR); and Greys, 1-0 (Luis Severino CG, 1H, 1W, 10).
11 At Homestead, Greys win series 2-1 v. New England: Hawks, 5-1 (Manny Machado 3-R HR in 5th); Greys, 3-2 (Graig Kimbrel 6-out S); and Greys, 7-6 (Mike Zunino 2-out, WO HR).
19 At Banksville, Dogs win series 2-1 v. Brick Church: Foys, 3-1 (Nelson Arenado 2-4, 2-R HR in 3rd); Dogs, 6-2 (Travis Shaw 2-R HR in 5th; gold-glover Paul Goldschmidt 3 errors); and Dogs, 6-0 (Stephen Strasburg CG, 3H, 4W, 9K).
20 At Banksville, Toronto wins, 5-2 (Jose Martinez 2HRa, 5RBI).
21 At Banksville, Toronto wins again, 4-1 (Danny Salazar, 3RPs whiff 16 Dogs; 10th win in last 11 games).
At Indianapolis, Cubes win series 2-1 v. Homestead: Cubes, 2-1 in 11 (With outfield in, Justin Upton scores on shallow sac fly); Cubes, 3-2 (Kevin Kiermaier solo HR in 7th snaps tie); and Greys, 9-4 (Corey Seager 3-6, RBI).
22 At Banksville, Dogs beat Toronto, 2-1 in 11 (PH Madison Bumgarner drives home winnng run; Clayton Kershaw losses perfecto, lead in 9th).
24 At Brick Church, Scrappers shock, sweep defending champs: 3-1 (Nelson Cruz 2-R HR in 5th); 7-4 (Freddie Freeman 2-R HR in 1st); and 1-0 (Jake Odorizzi 8IP, Roberto Osuna combine on 6-hitter).

1 At Seward Park, Con-men beat Brick Church, 3-0 (Brad Peacock, 4 relievers allow 1 hit).
At New York City, LES sweeps Scrappers: 2-1 (C Martin Maldonado throws out 2 baserunners in 8th); and 6-1 (Francisco Lindor, Charlie Blackmon homer in first).
2 At New York, Knights beat Indianapolis, 7-3 (Josh Reddick HR, 3RBI).
5 At New York, Knights sweep Indianapolis, trail by 2 games: 4-0 (Max Scherzer CG, 2H, 3W, 11K); and 3-2 (Elvis Andrus Sac Fly RBI snaps 2-2 score in 6th).
8 At New York City, Scrappers sweep LES: 5-2 (Matt Carpenter RBI 1B in 8th snaps 2-2 score). At Seward Park: 4-1 (Jon Lester 7IP, 3-4, HR, triple shy of cycle).
9 At Indianapolis, New York Knights trim lead to 1 game with 1-0 win (Chase Anderson 5IP, 3 relievers throw 5-hitter; Austin Barnes scores run in first).
10 At Indianapolis, New York wins 7-3 in 17 (Anthony Rendon's 2-out RBI 1B after a Pedro Strop error ties the game in the 9th; Lorenzo Cain's double scores Josh Reddick with go-ahead run; winner Adam Warren throws 7 scoreless innings; both clubs tied for first place).

7 At Indianapolis, New York Knights complete Mouse Trap Massacre, sweep final 6-game series, win on last day to capture National flag, 7-0 (Max Scherzer CG, 3H, 1W, 15K).
10 At Seward Park, Con-men, New York City split pair delayed by political debate: Con-men, 7-0 (Joey Gallo swats 3-R HR); and Scrappers, 2-1 (John Brebbia earns 6-out S, club sets best winning record by an expansion club).
17 At Seward Park, Con-men, Brick Church split pair with crowd sound effects: Foys, 4-3 (Jonathan Schoop 4-5); and Con-men, 3-2 in 13 (Francisco Lindor WO RBI 1B).

7 At Brick Church, Foys celebrate Faith Night, sweep LES: 6-2 (Dallas Keuchel CG, 2ER, 8H, 3W, 8K); and 5-3 (PH Corey Dickerson clears the bases with a 4th-innng triple).
22 At Brick Church, LES eliminate the champion Foys, 3-1. With the bases full and a run in, reliever Hector Neris retired Marcel Ozuna on a fly ball to end the game. The Con-men travel to Toronto to play a 1-game playoff to determine who will wave the American flag. Note: your final War for Downtown standings: NYC 8-4; LES 6-6; BCF 4-8.
23 At Toronto, Monarchs rally, stun LES, 11-7, to win the American Division playoff. Adam Jones crashes a 2-out, walk-off Grand Slam as the winners score 5 times in their last at-bat. There were 5 lead changes, 2 ties. In the 8th, Joey Gallo hits a solo HR to tie the game at 5. Later, Nori Aoki breaks the deadlock with a 2-run blast, praises Jobu crossing home plate. Toronto scores a single run in the 8th to narrow the LES lead. Eric Hosmer's double scores the tieing run. DJ LaMahieu, the potenial winning run, is gunned down at the plate by Bryon Buxton's mighty throw. Con-men elect to walk the next two batters to fill the bases. Toronto, ridiculed during the owners meeting for overpaying Jones, get the last laugh. Jones second homer gives owner Andrew Villalba Sr. his first division title in 22 years.