Like Iceberg v. Titanic, Shoehei, Lindor sink Greys
Pummeled by LES in G1, Homestead responds with a G2 thrashing of their own, a G3 stunning comeback (courtesy of Joey Votto's 2-out, 3-run homer in the 9th), and a G4 squeaker victory. Up 3 to 1 in the Yogi Series, things appear promising in Greys Nation. His nerves fried by flight, Bip nervously listens to G5 from Turkey. Blake Snell and two relievers keep Greys from crossing home plate. In their home 9th, Con-men score the game's only tally: Francisco Lindor scoots home from second on Dee Gordon's RBI double. LES rally in G6 at Homestead to force G7. "I'm just shuffling the chairs on the deck the Titanic," says Greys boss Robert Emrich prior to the start of G7. No one tells Mr. Emrich not to board.Hommie stopper Edwin Diaz stands an out away from a trip to the World Series. Greys lead, 4-3. Shoehei Ohtani, double-switched in the 8th, is the final LES hope. It is Shoehei, Bip reminds us again, who he wanted in the BVL draft -- not Ronald Acuna Jr. Shoehei ties the game with one of the more dramatic home runs ever hit in BVL history. Bip's Scream is heard beyond Division Street. Without life jackets, Greys fans sink in their beers. G7 goes into extras. In the 13th, Lindor cracks a solo jack to snap a 4-4 tie. In the bottom of the 13th, Sean Manaea retires the first two Greys but is told to walk lefty killer, Kris Bryant. Francisco Cervelli is HBP and reliever Will Smith hits a flare that falls for a single. Like that, the Greys fill the bases. There are two outs. Trashcans are rocking in Homestead: they have their guy up, Jose Altuve. Manaea strikes out Altuve and the greatest game in Yogi history is over.


1947 BVL Review

The Mr. Charles Experiment and the walk-off Dot Hit

Mr. Charles becomes the most dangerous man in Banksville: he has an idea. The Banksville co-owner convinces Rob Fermann, the man who declared relievers are for losers, starters should pitch only 2 or 3 innings a start. It's no surprise the staff ends up with zero complete games, a BVL first. A fluke results in the only win by a Dog starter. Overall, they're 1-15. In 11 starts, Tyson Ross logs a club high 37 innings pitched; Steven Strasburg throws 27 in the same number of starts. Brick Church's team ERA of 2.32 and stingy .190 hitting average highlights a pitching-dominated campaign that produces 57 shutouts, 18.6 strikeouts per game, and a league-wide average of .217. On the whiff front, Chris Sale strikes out 20 Cubes in 10 innings. On pace to eclipse most strikeouts in a season, Sale ends up averaging 14.9 strikeouts a game (104 in 62+ IP) and finishes second to teammate Jacob deGrom (104 and 120, respectively). He misses his final 3 starts to injury. Sale and deGrom join Max Scherzer (102 strikeouts) and Aaron Nola (101) to form the KKKK Klub, the first squad with four starters averaging the equivalent of 300-plus strikeouts in a season. How about that? Scrapper Jack Flaherty is the other 100-whiff member. Thumb through the final stats and you will find these sad averages: Ozzie Albies (BCF) .160 (32-200); Max Muncy (LES) .159 (28-176); Albert Almora Jr. (NYK) .152 (24-158); and Aaron Hicks (NEG) .141 (23-163). Terrible. But no one brings more tears to fans than Bryce Harper. The Banksville lefty plays 51 games and sufferers a slump for All Time. He bats .138 (22-160). His average drops fours points as the Bulldogs are blanked 3 times in 5 games against Toronto. Disgusted, fans chant Blow It Up after a 1-0 loss. A petition to implode The Kennel, signed by twice the Banksville population, is delivered to Mr. Fermann's desk at season's end. Harper receives a standing ovation after he doubles in his last at-bat. It could have been worse. On Harper, Mr. Fermann says the following words, I feel sorry for the card. You gotta ask, if the league bats .217, who sits on the bottom of that list? Answer: the ice cold Indianapolis Ice Cubes, at .185. They are led by a trio of hitless wonders: Brian Dozier .189 (35-185), Daniel Palka .165 (32-194); Evan Gattis .148 (22-148). To make matters worse, the Cube hits produce 2.4 runs per game. Not Good. Brick Church are crowned Kings of Downtown, dethroning NYC. The Foys go 9-3; Scrappers, 5-7; LES, 4-8. Note: Scrappers become the second expansion club to play above .500 in season two. Well done, Scrappers! Two-run, two-out, hit in 17th by Wilson Ramos gives Foys 2-1, cry of WAGA is born: What a Game, America. Let's not forget Adrien Beltre's 2-out, walk-off Grand Slam that gives Brooklyn a 5-4 win over New England on Opening Day. Speaking of walk-offs, Joey Votto delivers a rarity: a walk-off dot hit, against a tired Banksville reliever (there were many of those).

4 At Brooklyn, Bruisers beat New England, 4-1 (Derek Rodriguez scatters 6 hits in 7 innings).
5 At Brooklyn, New England beats Bruisers, 9-4 (Jose Ramirez hits 3-run homer in first, and Grand Slam in second).
6 At Brooklyn, Bruisers rally, stun New England, 5-4 (Down 4-1 with two outs and bases empty, Adrian Beltre swats walk-off Grand Slam).

2 At Toronto, Brick Church wins, 2-1 (Jacob deGrom, CG, 7H, 3W, 11K).
4 At Brick Church, Foys sweep Indianapolis: 2-1 (Wilson Ramos WO 2-R HR); 2-1 in 10 (Mookie Betts WO 2B); and 1-0 in 10 (Chris Sale CG, 3H, 3W, 20K; Betts 2-out, WO RBI 1B).
5 At Indianaplis Brick Church wins series, 2-1: Cubes, 4-3 (Freddy Galvis WO 2-R HR); Foys, 6-0 (Mookie Betts 2-R HR); and Foys, 3-0 (Aaron Nola CG, 3H, 3W, 13K).

13 At Indianapolis, Cubes split with Homestead: Greys, 2-0 (Trevor Bauer 8IP, Edwin Diaz combine on 1-hitter); Cubes, 3-2 (PH Justin Upton 2-out WO RBI 2B).
14 At Indianapolis: Homestead rolls, 12-0 (George Springer GS in 6th).
15 At Homestead, Greys win series 2-1 v. Indianapolis: 3-1 (Edwin Diaz 6-out S); Cubes, 3-2 (Gerrit Cole 8IP, 1H, 2ER, 13K; at Indy, flooding); and 3-2 (Trevor Bauer 8IP, 1ER, 1H, 12K).
At Toronto, Brick Church survives, 5-4 (3 7th-inning runs score on bases loaded walks).
16 At Indianapolis, Brooklyn wins series 2-1: Bruisers, 5-2 (John Jay 2-R HR in 2nd); Bruisers, 5-4 (Blake Treinen 5-out S); and Cubes, 2-1 in 10 (Freddy Galvis WO RBI 1B).
17 At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. Indianapolis: Cubes, 6-3 (Brian Dozier go-ahead 2-R HR in 9th); Bruisers 7-3 (Brandon Belt 2-3, 2-R HR); and Bruisers, 5-3 (Matt Kemp 2-RBI 1B snaps 3-3 score in 5th).
18 At Indianapolis, New England wins, 8-3 (Buster Posey 3-R 2B in 7th).
19 At Toronto, Brick Church wins, 10-5 (Nolan Arenado 3-4. 2HRs, 3RBI).
21 At Indianapolis, Cubes sweep New England: 7-2 (Edwin Encarnacion 2-3, HR, 3RBI); and 4-2 (Encarnacion snaps 2-2 with solo HR in 8th).
At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. Toronto: Monarchs, 9-1 (Zach Wheeler CG, 4H, 1ER, 1W, 12K); Bruisers, 3-2 (Blake Treinen 4-out S); and Bruisers, 4-3 (save for Ryne Stanek).
23 At Toronto, Brooklyn sweeps series 5-2 (Matt Kemp 3-R HR in 4th); and 3-1 (Jon Jay's 2-out 2B scores go-ahead run in 9th).
24 At Toronto, Monarchs beat Brooklyn, 6-3 (Zach Wheeler 7IP, 1ER, 1W, 10K).
At New York, Banksville wins series 2-1 v. Knights: Dogs, 7-4 (Ronald Ocuna 2-5, HR, 4RBI); Dogs, 3-1 (Seranthony Dominguez saves, leaves bases full); and Knights, 8-6 (Scooter Gennett 2-4, 2RBI).
25 At Banksville, New York wins series 2-1: Knights, 5-4 (Scooter Gennett scores go-ahead run n 8th on passed ball); Dogs, 5-3 (Mike Trout 4-4, 3R); and Knights, 9-3 (Aaron Judge tie-breaking GS in 7th).
26 At New York, Brick Church wins series 2-1: Knights, 3-2 (Aaron Judge 2-4, HR, 2RBI); Foys, 3-2 (Sean Doolittle strands tying run at 3rd base); and Foys, 2-1 (Doolittle 4-out S).
27 At Brick Church, New York wins series 2-1: Foys, 3-2 in 12 (Nolan Arenado scores from first on Corey Dickerson's 2-out 2B); Knights, 4-0 (J.A. Happ, 4 relievers scatter 7 hits); and Knights, 5-0 (Jose Berrios CG, 6H, 1W, 9K).
28 At New England, Banksville wins series 2-1: Dogs, 4-3 (PH Anthony Rizzo rips go-ahead run with RBI 1B): Hawks, 4-3 (Jose Ramirez 2-3, HR, 4RBI); and Dogs, 3-2 (Mike Trout, 3-4).

3 At Indianapolis, LES wins series, 2-1: Con-men, 6-5 (Francisco Lindor 3-3, RBI); Con-men, 10-3 (Shohei Ohtani 6IP, 1ER; 2-3, RBI); and Cubes, 3-2 (Michael Brantley WO HR).
4 At Seward Park, LES wins series 2-1 v. NY Knights: Con-men, 5-4 (Francisco Lindor singles home go-ahead run in 7th); Con-men, 5-0 (Sean Manea CG, 6H, 2W, 6K); and Knights, 3-0 (Clayton Kershaw 8IP, 6H, 6K).
5 At New York, LES wins series, 2-1: Knights, 3-1 (Adalberto Mondesi snaps 1-1 tie with 2-R HR in 7th); Con-men, 3-2 (PH Enrique Hernandez erases 1-0 deficit with 2-R HR in 8th); and Con-men, 4-2 (Charlie Blackmon 2-4, HR, 2RBI).

At Indianapolis, NYC Scrappers sweep series in historic fashion: 1-0 (Matt Carpenter homers in 7th); 2-0 (Miles Nikolas CG 3H, 9K); and 3-0 (Joe Musgrove CG, 3H, 1W, 8K; first team to shut out its opponent in first 3 games of the season).
6 At Banksville, Banksville wins series 2-1 v. New England: Dogs, 2-0 (bullpen allows 0 hits in 7IP); Dogs, 4-1 (pen throws 7 more innings, allows 1ER, 3H, 4W, 10K); and Hawks, 9-3 (Jose Ramirez 3-R 2B highlights 6-run 8th).
7 At New England, NYC wins series 2-1: Scrappers, 6-5 (Matt Carpenter RBI 2B breaks 5-5 score); Hawks, 5-4 (Nick Markakis 3-5, HR); and Scrappers, 6-3 (J.T. Realmuto 3-R HR).
8 At New York City, Scrappers win series 2-1 v. New England: Scrappers, 4-3 (Billy Hamilton walk pushes across go-ahead run in 8th); Hawks, 7-2 (Jose Ramirez GS in 1st); and Scrappers, 4-3 (J.T. Realmuto swats 2-out, solo HR in 8th to break 3-3 score).
9 At Seward Park, LES wins series 2-1 v. Toronto: Con-men, 7-5 (Francisco Lindor 3-R 2B in 1st); Con-men, 4-0 (Blake Snell throws CG 1-hitter, walks 5, strikes out 11); and Monarchs, 5-1 (Zach Greinke CG, 1ER, 3H, 1W, 9K).
10 At Toronto, LES wins series 2-1: Monarchs, 2-1 (Jace Fry strands two runners); Con-men, 5-1 (Francisco Lindor 2-R HR); and Con-men, 2-0 (Sean Manea, 2 RPs combine on 6-hitter).
11 At Banksville, Dogs, Brick Church split series 2-1 v. Brick Church: Foys, 6-2 (Jurickson Profar highlights 4-run 9th with 2-out RBI); Dogs, 3-2 (Mike Trout WO HR); and Dogs, 2-1 (Bryce Harper go-ahead HR in 8th).

At Brick Church, Foys, 5-1 (Chris Sale, CG, 3H, 0W, 16K); Dogs, 3-2 (Dave Robertson strands runners in scoring position); and Foys, 2-1 (Mookie Betts 2-RBI 2B in 3rd).
12 At Homestead, Greys win series 2-1 v. Toronto: Greys, 10-3 (Michael Conforto 3-4, 4RBI); Monarchs, 2-1 (PH Kris Davis cracks 2-out, 2-R HR in 9th off Edwin Diaz, whose poor performance is similar to MLB's); and Greys, 2-1 (Carlos Martinez, CG, 1ER, 3H, 3W, 10K).
13 At NYC, Scrappers sweep Brooklyn: 2-1 (Josh Hader leaves the bases full in the 8th); 3-2 (PH Nelson Cruz breaks 2-2 score with solo HR in 8th); and 2-0 (Miles Mikolas 8.3 and Hader combine on 3-hitter).
14 At Toronto: Homestead sweep series: 9-5 (Christian Yelich 3-5, 2RBI); 9-2 (Yelich 2-R 3B highlights 5-R 9th); and 11-3 (Jose Altuve 4-6).
At Brooklyn, Bruisers, NYC split: Scrappers, 8-3 (Mark Canha 3-R HR in 6th); and Bruisers, 4-2 (Matt Kemp 3-4, 2RBI).
15 At Brooklyn, Bruisers beat NYC, 12-6. Yan Gomes 4-5, 2HRs, 7RBI.

At Homestead, LES wins, 9-3 (Francisco Lindor 3-R HR in 3rd).
16 At Homestead, LES wins, 6-4 (Starter Shohei Ohtani wins, homers).

At New York, Knights win series 2-1 v. Toronto: Knights, 1-0 (Lorenzo Cain WO HR; loser Zach Grienke CG, 14.3IP, 11H, 1W, 15K); Knights, 9-7 (Mitch Garver 3-5, 5RBI); and Monarchs, 5-2 (Zach Wheeler CG, 2ER, 7H, 1W, 9K).
17 At Homestead, LES wins, 4-2 (Max Muncy hits go-ahead 3-R HR in 7th).
18 At Seward Park, Homestead wins, 8-2 (Christian Yelich 2-3, HR, 2RBI).

At Brick Church, Foys outlast Brooklyn, 2-1 in 17 (With bases full, Wilson Ramos delivers 2-out WO hit; cry of WAGA born: What A Game, America!).
19 At Seward Park, LES splits with Homestead: Greys, 7-3 (Christian Yelich 3-5); and Con-men, 4-2 (J.D. Martinez 2-R HR).
22 At New England, Toronto wins series 2-1: Hawks, 1-0 (Eduardo Escobar RBI 1B in 8th); Monarchs, 5-1 (D.J. LeMahieu 3-5, 2-R HR); and Monarchs, 1-0 (Zach Grienke losses no-no 1 out in 9th; Kyle Cricks leaves the bases full).

At New York City, Scrappers beat New York, 2-0 (Miguel Andujar 2-R HR in 6th).
23 At New York City, Scrappers split with New York: Knights, 1-0 (James Paxton 6.3, 2 RPs combine on 5-hitter); and Scrappers, 6-4 (Josh Hader retires 2 batters, leaves bases full).
24 At New York, Scrappers win series 2-1: Scrappers, 6-1 (Matt Carpenter 2-3, HR); Scrappers, 8-3 (Down 3-0, Freddie Freeman his GS); and Knights, 4-3 (Joe Mauer 3-R 2B).
25 At Banksville, Dogs win series 2-1 v. LES: Con-men, 5-4 (Francisco Lindor 3-R HR in 8th); Dogs, 11-6 (Hubert Perez 2-3, 4RBI); and Dogs, 3-0 (6 pitchers combine on 3-hitter).
26 At Seward Park, LES beats Banksville, 5-2 (J.D. Martinez 2-R HR in 7th).

At Brick Church, New England wins series 2-1: Hawks, 5-0 (Mile Foltynewicz allows 5H, 2W, 8Ks in 7.3IP); Foys, 8-3 (Marcel Ozuna 3-4, 3RBI); and Hawks, 2-1 (Juan Soto squeeze scores go-ahead run in 8th).
27 At Seward Park, LES, Bankville split: Con-men, 6-4 (J.D. Martinez two 2-R HRs); and Dogs, 5-0 (5 Pitchers combine on 3-hitter).

At New York City, Scrappers beat Homestead, 2-0 (Miles Mikolas throws CG, ERA 0.68).
28 At New York City, Homestead sweeps: 6-0 (Masahiro Tanaka CG, 3H, 2W, 8K; 2-RBI 1B); and 8-4 (Alex Bregman 3-R HR highlights 6-R 3rd).

At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. Banksville: Dogs, 7-2 (Mitch Haniger 2-R 2B); Bruisers, 8-3 (Matt Kemp 2-3, 2-R HR); and Bruisers, 3-2 in 14 (Jose Iglesias WO hit).
29 At Homestead, Greys win series 2-1 v. NYC: Greys, 9-5 (Christian Yelick two 2-R HRs); Greys, 5-4 (Jose Altuve HR snaps 4-4 tie); and Scrappers, 11-9 (Jesse Winkler 3-5, 2RBI).
30 At New England, Hawks win series v. Homestead: Greys, 5-2 in 10 (Jesus Aguilar HR in 9th ties game, 2-RBI 1B in 10th); Hawks, 7-0 (Justin Verlander CG, fires 5-hitter, walks 2, whiffs 12); and Hawks, 4-1 (Greg Bird solo HR in 7th snaps 1-1 score).

1 At Brick Church, Brooklyn wins, 10-3 (Lorenzo Cain 3-6, 2RBI).
2 At Brick Church, Foys beat Brooklyn, 7-2 (Nolan Arenado 3-5, HR, 3RBI).

At the half, NYC, LES, BCF are tied for the American lead; BAN, 3 behind.
In the National, HOM leads BKL by 1; NYK, 4 behind.

At Brooklyn, Bruisers, LES split: Con-men, 9-3 (Gerardo Parra 2-RBI 1B highlights 4-R 6th); and Bruisers, 8-5 (Yan Gomes 3-4, 2RBI).
7 At Banksville, Dogs beat Indianapolis, 4-0 (Travis Shaw 2-R HR).
8 At Banksville, Dogs sweep Indianapolis: 8-2 (Hernan Torres GS in 4th); and 7-4 (Gleyber Torres GS in 1st).
9 At Indianapolis, Banksville wins, 8-1 (Bryce Harper 2HRs, 4RBIa).
10 At New York City, Toronto wins, 4-1 (Rich Hill CG, 5H, 2W, 10K).
11 At New York City, Scrappers, Toronto split: Monarchs, 2-1 (Tony Barnhart Sac Fly in 7th breaks tie); and Scrappers, 6-4 (PH Mark Canha hits 1-out WO GS).

At Brick Church, Foys, Homestead split: Foys, 2-1 in 10 (PH Cory Bellinger RBI-1B); and Greys, 4-3 (R Edwin Diaz earns save, strands runner on 3B).
12 At Brick Church, Foys beat Homestead, 1-0 (Jacob deGrom CG, 2H, 1W, 11K).
13 At Homestead, Greys, Brick Church, split: Greys, 4-3 in 10 (Trevor Story WO RBI 1B); and Foys, 2-1 (Aaron Nola CG, 1ER, 5H, 2W, 11K).
14 At Homestead, Brick Church wins, 5-3 in 18 (Ozzie Albies hits tie-breaking 2-R HR; 2 players ejected, 5 players injured).

At Toronto, NYC wins, 4-0 (Jack Flaherty CG, 4H, 3W, 14K).
16 At Toronto, NYC sweeps: 4-1 (Freddie Freeman hits tie-breaking solo HR in 7th); and 4-0 (Noah Syndergard CG, 3H, 3W, 3K).

At Indianapolis, Cubes beat Banksville, 5-4 (David Freese hits go-ahead 2-R HR in 3rd).
17 At Indianapolis, Cubes beat Banksville: 5-4 (Tony Sipp leaves the bases full for the save).

At Brooklyn, Bruisers beat LES, 1-0 (James Taillon, Blake Treinen combine on 5-hitter).
18 At Seward Park, LES wins series 2-1 v. Indianapolis: Cubes, 6-4 in 11 (David Freese doubles home go-ahead run; 4-6); Con-men, 2-1 (Kyle Freeland 7.2IP, 0R, 1W, 10K); and Con-men, 2-1 (Colin McKugh perfect 2-IP S).
19 At Toronto, Monarchs, New York split: Monarchs, 3-1 (Zach Wheeler CG, ER, 5H, 2W, 10K); and Knights, 2-1 (Aaron Judge HR in 7th snaps 1-1 tie).
20 At New York City, Indianapolis wins, 5-2 (Daniel Palka HR).
21 At New York City, Scrappers sweep Indianapolis: 5-3 (Miguel Andorra GS in 3rd); and 6-5 (PH Eddie Rosario delivers 2-out WO RBI 1B).
22 At Toronto, Monarchs beat New York, 3-1 (Zach Grienke CG, ER, 3H, 3W, 3K).
23 At Toronto, Monarchs sweep New England: 4-2 (Eric Hosmer HR, 3RBI); and 6-4 in 11 (Didi Gregorius hits WO 2-R HR).
24 At Toronto, New England wins, 3-2 (Ryan Pressly earns 5-out S).
27 At New England, LES wins series 2-1: Con-men, 9-6 in 11 (Dee Gordon 2-RBI 1B); Hawks, 5-2 (Nick Markakis 2-R HR in 8th); and Con-men, 4-3 in 13 (Francisco Lindor 2-R HR).
28 At Seward Park, LES sweeps New England: 2-0 (Colin McHugh 6-out S); 3-2 (Daniel Robertson tie-breaking 2-RBI 1B in 8th); and 9-5 (Max Muncy 3-4, 2HRs, 7RBI).
30 At New England, Brick Church wins series 2-1: Foys, 5-3 (Chris Sale CG, 7H, 5W, 18K); Hawks, 5-2 (Mike Foltynewicz CG, 6H, 4W, 8K); and Foys, 4-0 (Aaron Nola CG, 2H, 3W, 12K).

10 At New York, Knights win series 2-1 v. Homestead: Knights, 3-2 (Anthony Rendon 2-R HR in 1st; Greys, 2-0 (Masahiro Tanaka CG, 3H, 2W, 11K); and Knights, 2-0 (Craig Kimbrel walks two batters in 8th with bases full).
11 At Homestead, Greys sweep New York Knights: 3-1 (Christian Yelich 2-RBI 1B in 8th); 1-0 (Will Smith leaves the bases loaded for the save); and 8-3 (Trevor Story 3-R HR in 5th).
12 At Banksville, Dogs win series v. Brooklyn: Dogs, 3-0 (Matt Strahm earns 5th win in relief); Bruisers, 4-3 (Brandon Belt 2-R HR in 5th); and Dogs, 5-3 (Gleyber Torres 3H, 2RBI).

At Brick Church, Foys beat Toronto, 3-1 (Marcel Ozuna 2-R HR in 6th).13 At Brick Church, Toronto wins, 4-2 in 13 (Tucker Barnhart hits tie-breaking 2-R HR).
14 At Brick Church, Foys beat Toronto, 5-0 (Mookie Betts 3-5, 3R).17 At Banksville, NYC wins, 4-1 (Jesse Winker 2-3, 3R.
18 At Brooklyn, Brick Church wins series 2-1: Foys, 2-1 (Aaron Nola CG, 1ER, 2H, 0W, 13K); Bruisers, 6-5 (Matt Kemp HR in 7th); and Foys, 11-7 in 11 (Andrelton Simmons 2-RBI 1B).
19 At Banksville, Dogs beat NYC, 5-4 in 11 (Isiah Kiner-Kalefa hits WO solo HR).
21 At Banksville, Dogs beat NYC, 4-3 (Gary Sanchez blocks the plate successfully on Ronald Acuna's throw home in the 8th).
22 At Banksville, Homestead wins, 6-3 (Christian Yelich 2-R HR).
23 At New York, Brooklyn wins series 2-1 v. Knights: Bruisers, 1-0 (Madison Bumgarner CG, 3H, 2W, 7K); Knights, 7-0 (Anthony Rendon, Aaron Judge slug back-to-back HRs); and Bruisers, 7-2 (Lorenzo Cain haunts former club, 3-4, 3RBI).
25 At Banksville, Homestead wins, 3-0 (Trevor Bauer CG, 1H, 6W, 7K).
26 At New York City, Banksville wins series 2-1: Scrappers, 6-5 (Jose Peraza 2-3, 3RBI); Dogs, 8-3 (Gleyber Torres 3-5, HR, 2RBI); and Dogs, 5-4 (Mike Trout 2-5, HR).
27 At New England, New York wins series 2-1: Knights, 5-1 (Aaron Judge 2 solo HRs); Knights, 6-3 (Ryan Zimmerman 3-5, 2RBI); Hawks, 4-3 (Tim Anderson WO 2-out 1B).

At Banksville, Dogs beat Homestead, 4-2 (Mike Trout hits go-ahead 3-R HR in 4th).
28 At New York, New York sweeps New England: 7-6 in 13 (Josh Reddick scores on WP); 5-4 (Ryan Zimmerman go-ahead 2-RBI 1B in 5th); and 3-1 (Adam Eaton solo HR in 8th).

At Homestead, Greys beat Banksville, 9-7 (George Springer ties game with solo HR; Trevor Story wins it with 2-R HR; Mr. Charles on slumping Bryce Harper, I feel sorry for the card).
29 At Indianapolis, Toronto wins series 2-1: Monarchs, 4-1 (Khris Davis 2-4, HR); Cubes, 3-2 (Edwin Encarnacion 3-R HR in 1st); and Monarchs, 2-1 (Steven Matz 7.2, 0R, 2H, 3W, 8K).

At Homestead, Banksville wins, 4-3 (Travis Shaw tie-breaking 2-R HR IN 6th).
At Homestead, Greys beat Banksville, 6-5 (Joey Votto delivers walk-off dot-hit).

1 At Brooklyn, Bruisers win series 2-1 v. New York: Knighs, 4-3 (Giancarlo Stanton strikes out, leaves tying run on third); Bruisers, 4-3 (Jose Iglesias delivers go-ahead 2-RBI 1B in 6th); and Bruisers, 3-2 (Manny Machado homers in 8th).
5 At Homestead, Greys sweep New England: 6-1 (George Springer 3-R HR); 3-2 (Alex Bregman 2-RBI 1B); and 5-4 in 11 (Greys tie in 9th on 2-out error; Springer WO 2-RBI 1B).
6 At New England, Hawks sweep Brooklyn: 5-4 (Seung Hwan Oh strands tying run on 3rd); 4-3 (Alex Wood earns 5-out S); and 2-1 (Yasiel Puig SF RBI scores go-ahead run in 8th).
9 At Homestead, Brooklyn stays alive, wins 5-0 (Madison Bumgarner CG, 3H, 2W, 7K).
11 At Homestead, Greys wins division, beat Brooklyn, 3-1 (Christian Yelich 3-R HR in 6th).

11 At New York City, Brick Church opens War for Downtown series with sweep of Scrappers: 5-0 (Jacob deGrom CG, 2H, 0W, 13K); 5-4 (Andrelton Simmons delivers tie-breaking RBI hit in 8th); and 8-2 (Whit Merrifield 2-5, 3RBI).
12 At Homestead, Greys win National flag, roll over Brooklyn, 8-4 (George Springer's 2-R 2B highlights 6-run 4th). At Seward Park, Brick Church sweeps twin bill: 2-1 (Max Scherzer CG, 1ER, 3H, 0W, 16K); and 6-2 (Nolan Arenado 2-4, HR).
14 At Banksville, Toronto blanks Dogs, 2-0 (Carlos Carrasco CG, 3H, 4W, 12K).
15 At Banksville, Toronto shuts out Dogs again, 1-0 (Trevor Cahill CG, 5H, 3W, 6K. Fans call for implosion of stadium, chant Blow It Up!).
16 At Banksville, Toronto wins, 4-2- (Kevin Pillar 2-3, RBI).

3 At Seward Park, Brick Church sweeps twin bill: 5-2 (Jacob deGrom CG, 6H, 2ER, 2W, 14K). At Brick Church, 10-8 (Nolan Arenado WO 2-R HR; Foys improve to 7-0 in Downtown series).
11 At Toronto, Banksville wins, 5-2 (Reliever Matt StrahmÕs 2-out single-and-error chopper scores 2 runs, gives Dogs a 3-2 lead in 9th).
12 At Toronto, Monarchs blank Banksville, 4-0 (Zach Wheeler CG, 4H, 1W, 6K; Bryce Harper average dips to .134).
17 At Brick Church: LES sweeps pair: 3-2 (Joey Wendle RBI 2B in 7th breaks 2-2 score); and 6-5 (Richard Rodrigues whiffs Ozzie Albies for the save, strands tying run on 3rd).
22 At Brick Church, Foys clinch World Series berth, win series 2-1 v. NYC: Scrappers, 2-1 (J.T. Realmuto's 2-out, seeing-eye blooper drives home go-ahead run in 9th); Foys, 1-0 (Jacob deGrom CG, 2H, 1W, 13K); and Foys, 4-3 in 11 (PH Ozzie Albies strokes 2-out, 2RBI WO single off Josh Hader. Foys dethrone NYC as King of Downtown with the victory).
23 At Toronto, Monarchs defeat Banksville, 3-1 (Carlos Carrasco CG, 1ER, 4H, 3W, 12K; Bryce Harper doubles in his final at-bat to increase his batting average to .138).
30 At Brooklyn, Bruisers sweep Homestead: 14-8 (PH Steve Pearce snaps 3-3 score, highlights 11-run eruption with solo HR); 7-2 (Jose Iglesias 2-4, HR, 3RBI); and 11-6 (Manny Machado 3-R HR; Madison Bumgarner finishes with 8-1 record).

24 At Seward Park, Con-men beat New York City, 6-3 (PH Shohei Ohtani breaks 3-3 tie with 2-out RBI single in 6th).
25 At Seward Park, New York City stays alive with 5-1 victory (Jack Flaherty goes 8 innings to win his 8th game).
26 At Seward Park, New York City wins, 6-2 (Eddie Rosario 3-5, HR, 2RBI).
27 At New York City, Scrappers beat LES, 5-4 (Josh Hader strikes out Joe Gallo with go-ahead runners on base; Matt CarpenterÕs 2-RBI hit highlights 4-run 7th).
28 At New York City, Scrappers and LES split: Con-men, 7-0 (Kyle Freeeland CG, 5H, 5W, 9K; Joey Gallo 2-4, HR, 2RBI as Con-men clinch first postseason spot since 1938); and Scrappers, 3-0 (Trevor Williams and Josh Hader combine on 5-hitter).

The regular season concludes.

6 At Homestead, LES wins G1 of the 1947 Yogi Series, 9-2: J.D. Martinez breaks open the game with a 3-run homer in the 8th; bullpen throws four hitless innings.
7 At Homestead, Greys even the series with a convincing 13-1 victory: Francisco Cervelli highlights 5-run 4th with a 3-run homer; Brandon Nimmo 4-4, 2 runs, 3RBI.
8 At Seward Park, Down 5-3 and the Greys an out away from defeat, Jose Altuve singles to left; Brandon Nimmo moves to second base. Joey Votto follows and crushes a 3-run home run off Collin McHugh. Greys win stunner, 6-5.
11 At Seward Park, Steve Cishek is called to protect 1-0 game in 6th. He faces 3 batters: Brandon Nimmo, RBI double; George Springer, RBI double; and Trevor Story, RBI triple. Edwin Diaz strikes out side, protects the 3-2 victory. Greys up 3-1 in the series.
16 At Seward Park, Bip listens to G5 from Turkey. Blake Snell blanks the Greys, allows one hit in 7 innings of work. Collin McHugh and Jose Alvarado throw 2 more goose-eggs. Greys stopper Edwin Diaz enters a scoreless ballgame in the 9th. Francisco Lindor says hello with a single. Geraldo Parra bunts Lindor over to second. Dee Gordon blows the roof off Seward with the walk-off RBI double. LES wins must-win, 1-0.
17 At Homestead, With the Greys up 3-1 in G6, Joey Wendle and Francisco Lindor crack back-to-back doubles to start the Con-men 6th. Robbie Grossman walks and Dee Gordon lays down the sac bunt. Nick Hundley is intentionally walked. Shohei Ohtani's RBI groundout ties the game. Charlie Blackmon then snaps the tie with an RBI hit. J.D. Martinez smashes a solo HR in the 9th. The Con-men bullpen throws 4 shut out innings. LES win, 5-3. Onto to G7.
22 At Homestead, "I'm just shuffling the chairs on the deck the Titanic," said Robert Emrich prior to the start of G7. The Homestead boss shows great courage and watches -- without a life jacket -- the Con-men take an early 2-0 lead and Martin Maldonado's solo homer in the 7th that breaks a 2-2 score. In the home 7th, catcher Francisco Cervelli puts the Greys ahead, 4-3, with a 2-run home run that clears the left centerfield wall (HR 1-12, out the rest). The Greys call on reliever Edwin Diaz to nail down the final 6 outs of the game. He gets the first 5. Shoehei Ohtani, double-switched by Bip in the 8th so that he would bat third in the 9th, is the final LES hope. Bip gives an emotional speech about how Shoehei was the man he wanted in the draft and not Ronald Acuna Jr. Shoehei responds by tieing the game with one of the more dramatic home runs ever hit in BVL history. G7 goes into extras. In the 13th, Francisco Lindor snaps a 4-4 deadlock with a solo home run. Sean Manaea retires the first two batters in the Greys 13th. With the bases clear, Sean Manaea is ordered to walk lefty killer, Kris Bryant. Francisco Cervelli is struck by a pitch. With the bench empty, reliever Will Smith pops a looper (1B 1-9, out the rest) that falls for a single! The bases are full with two outs. Holy, Lavagetto! Flashback to last year's one-game playoff at Toronto. Adam Jones sent LES home with a walk-off grand slam. Now, trashcans are rocking Homestead: Jose Altuve is swinging the lumber. With little left in his tank, Manaea strikes out Altuve to end a classic.